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Our 2018 Hoedown by Kim Martinson

The 2018 Hoedown

Lake and Park families enjoying some homemade chili!

On the eve of October 24, the Lake and Park community came together for our annual Hoedown event. The students had all spent their Tuesday afternoons and Movement times practicing their do-si-dos and allemande lefts. Wednesday night we saw the biggest Hoedown turnout yet, with students dancing with family members and classmates. This year we had Charmaine.

Bruce and Bonnie leading school musicians

Slaven join us as our instructor and line caller. Bruce Reid and Bonnie Zahnow provided some lively music for us to dance to.  Before the set began, they could be seen leading some of our own musicians in a rendition of Buffalo Gals.  We saw members of the Lake and Park community that have recently continued on elsewhere; it was wonderful to see that, though they have moved on, they still came back to join us, to catch up with old friends and teachers.

Former Lake and Parks students and their families join in the festivities!

A huge thank you to Sarah Bryc and to the other committee members that made this night possible. All the work Sarah did setting up and keeping dinner and dessert going is very much appreciated. Another thank you goes to Annie Musselman for taking photos of our families. And yet another thank you to all the parents and family members who provided the delicious food and eating utensils. The success of this night is because it is the whole community who comes together to put on the event.

Everyone is all ready to start the Virginia Reel!
Iris, Leah, and Doug make it a bit easier for families to duck under an archway.

Hoedowns are believed to have originated in the Midwest and literally mean ”hoe down”, a time when farmers put down their farming instruments and, on occasion, picked up their musical ones. I think the Lake and Park community does a great job of keeping true to that tradition. Though few of us

spend our days farming, it is still necessary for us to put down our work and appreciate spending time with one another. The joy we see on everyone’s face as they laugh over a bowl of chili, or try and duck under a small archway during the Virginia Reel, is why we do this every year. Too often the stresses of life can set in and the day to day can feel too routine; to have a night where we can simply enjoy ourselves is what makes this one so special. We look forward to seeing you all next year! 

Griffin, George, Keefe, Thomas, Julian and Ted--2018 alums

India, and her dad John, enjoying their first Lake and Park Hoedown.

Our families are ready to dance while Charmaine calls out the moves

Many of our alums, like Maisie and Iris, were seen at our annual event!

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