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Giving to the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the only planned “ask” that the school participates in.  Rather than having parents spend time and effort in fund raising, such as running an auction, and rather than having our children involved in asking friends and family members to purchase items to support the school, the Annual Fund provides donors an opportunity to give directly. Contributions are tax deductible. A great way to increase your donation is to take advantage of your workplace matching funds.



Specific Benefits:

The Annual Fund allows the school to:

  • Cover one hundred per cent of the faculty health care premiums

  • Create continuing education opportunities for teachers

  • Maintain a low student/educator ratio

  • Cover transportation costs involved when traveling beyond the reach of public transit

  • Grow the financial aid pool

  • Save toward future growth opportunities


Why does the Annual Fund campaign happen in the fall?

It allows us to plan for the current year, and to look ahead to the upcoming year. We coordinate our annual fund drive to be a part of Giving Tuesday which is November 29, 2022.  Donate $200 or more on that day and have your contribution doubled through the support of the Lake and Park Community Matching Fund.



Who would we like to have contribute to the Annual Fund?

All those who feel a connection to the school–parents, grandparents, extended family, friends, prospective families.  We especially welcome ongoing contributions from those who care about the kind of education that Lake and Park is in the active role of preserving and maintaining.


Donor Privacy Policy

The Lake and Park School is committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of all personal information. We do not market, trade, or share donors’ personal information with any organization or reporting service.

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