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Teaching at Lake and Park is collaborative as themes are shared across the grades and among the teachers.  We  believe that children benefit from learning art (and sports and music)  from a teacher whom they also learn to read and write and do mathematics with; each teacher operates as a generalist. Because there is a strong multi-age component to each school day, each child is known and supported by the entire faculty.

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Quynh Cao

Quynh Cao teaches the children in the North Room. Cao received a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education from Texas A & M. She also holds a degree from Del Mar College in Digital Media. She joined our faculty in September of 2013, having taught in the Texas public schools before moving to Seattle. Cao serves as the school's registrar.


Camille Hayward

Camille Hayward is a graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in English and Elementary Education.  Before founding the school is 2003, she taught at various independent schools in the Seattle area.  As well as being Head of School, she continues as a teacher working in the Beginning Room. 


Eileen Hynes

Eileen Hynes holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Bank Street College, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Kenyon College. Hynes is the Director of Thematic Studies and the Admissions Director.  Nationally Board Certified in 2006, Hynes is a National Geographic Teacher Fellow and a NOAA Climate Steward. She was named the Seattle World Affairs Council World Educator in 2016.  

She has been a faculty member since 2011.


Kieran McElvaney

Kieran McElvaney teaches in the Big Room.  He holds a Bachelor degree in Early Elementary Education from Georgia

State University.   Certified in Special Education, McElvaney taught in Fulton County Schools in Atlanta prior to his move to Seattle.

Kieran has experience working with children with sensory needs.


Kim Martinson

Kim Martinson holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and the Teaching of Social Studies from Western Washington University. She joined the Lake and Park faculty in 2015.


Jami Colina

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Marian Sheehan

Marian Sheehan holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota in Speech-Language Pathology. She works throughout the school as an academic support specialist. Sheehan joined the faculty at Lake and Park in 2015.


McKenna Nading

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Elizabeth Russell

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