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Two concrete aspects of our environs are featured in the school’s name. Located on the beautifully appointed Hunter Boulevard within the landscape designed by the Olmsted Brothers, our locale is not a rural one. Rather, it is that of a planned human influence on the landscape: a park in the urban sense, one designed to bring the wild into the city. Our fortunate place within that city is one where the park system itself defines the neighborhood.



Testing the water at the lakefront.

Situated close to the shores of Lake Washington, ease of access to the lakefront and its nearby forest make them both a frequent place of exploration. Children dig in sand, search the water and sky for bird and animal life, forage for mushrooms, sticks and chestnuts. They pick up beach glass and rocks and use water as a natural medium for play. In returning to the same shore and hillside week after week, month after month, season after season, and year after year, children experience a familiar setting in a variety of conditions. It is in this way that they establish a sense of their place within the natural world.


The Lake and Park School is housed in the historic Mount Baker Park Presbyterian Church, which is listed on the Seattle Historic Register. Designed by architects A.H. Albertson, Wilson & Richardson. The church was built in 1924.

Foraging for mushrooms in Seward Park.

Plein air painting at Mt. Baker Park.


Reading in our garden.

The entrance to Mt. Baker Park

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