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Dragonflies Cross Country

Here we are halfway through our fifth season of Cross Country at The Lake and Park School, and Dragonflies Cross Country has never been stronger! Well over half of our student population is participating in Cross Country this year, and the whole school spends time running almost everyday leading up to the Seattle Children's Marathon on November 25th. Our athletes are getting stronger everyday, and all of the practicing we do not only benefits them physically, but also contributes to their mental fortitude.

We perform deep breathing exercises as well as stretches before and after every run in order to warm up and cool down our bodies. 

The camaraderie and friendship of teammates has been inspiring! Due to the individual nature of cross country as we experience it, the athletes are left to compete with only themselves as they work to run relaxed and smoothly, and as a result, more quickly.

Perhaps most inspiring of all has been our community's rallying around athletes during the meets. We have seen our participants and their families cheering on others, encouraging runners from our school as well as children from other schools who are participating. It is truly a wonderful thing to experience that kind of sportsmanship in our athletic community! A sincere thank you to all the families who are making this such a special season. 

As we look toward our final two meets, we encourage all to keep a positive outlook and most importantly, have fun! Go Dragonflies!

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