The Lake and Park School is an independent elementary school with Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

The School was founded in 2003 by Camille Hayward, Head of School, who is committed to insuring that Kindergarten through Fifth grade–age children can still experience a traditional or “classic” elementary school program. It is and has been the driving force behind her career from the beginning.

At the Salmon Hatchery we learned about the huge journey our Pacific Northwest Salmon undertake.

On our field trip to the Salmon Hatchery, we learned about the huge journey our Pacific Northwest Salmon undertake to find their way to the Pacific Ocean.

The school’s approach to teaching is one of “learning by doing”. The teachers provide teaching and guidance around a specific curriculum activity, problem or situation in which children need to make sense of it—learning for themselves. This process is called “learning by doing” because it is based on learning from experience.

The children then experience the activity, perform it, do it. Then the class as a whole shares the results, observations and reactions together. The children describe the results and their reactions to what they’ve observed and are learning. This process of looking at the experience, analyzing and reflecting upon it also enhances their life skills in a profound way. Then what they’ve been learning is applied to a similar, or even different situation and with a little practice, they learn to integrate these skills and lessons into other parts of their lives. So, the child’s process of self-discovery helps to build self-esteem and supports their desire to learn in an active, engaged way. This approach is very child-centered, or learner-centered and is a fun process for the students themselves, their teachers, other adults and parents in their lives.


• We offer an intellectually rich experience in a child-centered setting.
• The arts, music and sciences are integrated into curricular themes.
• We provide an independent school education within economic reach of most families; financial aid is available.


NWAIS (Northwest Association of Independent Schools)


WFIS (Washington Federation of Independent Schools)

Tom McQueen, School Administrator
The Lake and Park School

3201 Hunter Blvd. S., Seattle, WA 98144
Phone: 206-721-3480
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The School is located in Seattle’s Mount Baker neighborhood.